The unknowns of e-commerce  Whenever you desire to buy something on any e-commerce site, which site do you open to look for the product? Amazon? , eBay?, Flipkart? Snapdeal? or new more known brands? But, do you know there are at least hundreds of websites, which are selling the same stuff at almost price? And we do not even bother

    Every blogger dreams of one thing, the traffic. My fascination to get more hits to VALUEQUAL has made me explore some awesome sites which exists on the internet. One of the best thing happened to me over last few weeks is joining the QUORA community. Honestly, I joined QUORA to get some additional traffic for my blog. But soon I realised

    Gone are the days when people used to exchange their business cards to be in touch with each other. With social networking gaining tremendous popularity both in personal and professional space, adding each other on social networking is easy and practical. Sometimes we tend to forget the faces behind the cards and even we don

    What is SnapChat? There are two kind of people, one know know SnapChat and others are the ones how do not know what is SnapChat. In the world of Billions of people, snapchat has around 60 Million Users. Yes it's that big and in a country like ours most of us don't even know what the heck is SnapChat. Of cource the number of users on Fa

    Coming Soon! Stay tuned to know the secret behind one of the highest selling phones in India. Redmi Note 4!

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